“Déjà Vu Home” is at your service for all questions related to real estate, whether it is for the purchase or sale of prestigious properties, or for the rental of apartments and modern and comfortable studios.

Thanks to our cultural and family heritage, we can find that rare pearl for you: an exceptional view, an ideal location, quality architecture, prestigious materials, welcoming living spaces, or upscale amenities.

Over the years, we have developed all the connections necessary to locate those scarce properties that do not appear on the real estate market, or on the usual platforms.

Our team can also support you during renovations and refurbishments, including the decoration of your property, to your full and complete satisfaction. Discretion, competence and sensitivity punctuate our discussions.


“Déjà Vu Home” offers you a range of elegant and professional services.

Malika C. David and her team have always combined tradition and know-how. They are at your disposal to offer you exceptional objects, corresponding to your world and your sensitivity.

These passionate professionals have an exceptional network, equipped with extensive address books full of important and prestigious addresses at both national and international level.

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